Dr. Martin Urbanski

Dr. Martin Urbanski

I am an experienced researcher with strong expertise in optical films, liquid crystals and functional nanocomposites. I studied chemistry at the University of Paderborn from 2004 - 2009 and finished my PhD Thesis in the field of physical chemistry in 2013. After a PostDoc project at the Physics and Materials Research Unit at the University of Luxembourg and a subsequent stay in Dresden, I am currently working in the Optical Films Division at Rolic Technologies in Switzerland.

My expertise comprises the physical and electro-optical characterization of optical films and the concept development for new applications. My assets include various microscopy techniques (POM, SEM, AFM), dielectric spectroscopy, UV-lithography and reactive ion etching.

A summary of my academic publications and a short CV can be found following these links.

Research Projects


In this section you can find an overview of recent postdoctoral research projects. My main interests cover particle / host interactions in nematic nanocomposites and possible electro-optical applications, defect formation and evolution in liquid crystalline materials as well as numerical simulations on director field configurations.