On this website you can find information on my research activites in the field of liquid crystals, a summary of previous projects and a blog with latest news about ongoing recent research activities:



In this section we provide an overview over my recent research projects at the University of Luxembourg. The main interests cover particle / host interactions in nematic nanocomposites and possible electro-optical applications, defect formation and evolution in nematic shells and droplets and numerical simulations on director field configurations.



Disgona is the acronym of my latest postdoctoral research project at the University of Luxembourg. We aim to get a better understanding of nanoparticle / liquid crystal composite systems and improve their suitabiliy for optical and electro-optical applications. You can find more details about this project here and also follow the blog with the latest scientific results.



Please feel invited to participate in the discussion on our current research activities in our blog. On a regular base milestones of our current research projects will we published here. We are highly interested in your comments, suggestions or own experiences in liquid crystal research. Maybe we can help each other with our research tasks, find new answers and establish new collaborations?

About me


Here you can find more information about me, Martin Urbanski, the researcher behind this web site. This section provides a short overview over my scientific background, and a brief summary of my scientific contributions. If you are interested in my work or a possible future collaboration, please don't hesitate to contact me!