06/03/15 - GLCC in Stuttgart

Shortly after starting in Luxembourg I directly went back to Germany in order to participate in the  42nd Topical Meeting on Liquid Crystals, which took place in Stuttgart from the 4th-6th of March on the University campus. During this conference I had the opportunity to present my latest results from Paderborn in an oral presentation entilted “Studies on the compatibility of spherical nanoparticles in a nematic host and their impact on the electro-optic properties” and got good feedback and new impulses from the LC community. As usual, this Topical Meeting on Liquid Crystals was a great opportunity to meet other scientists working in this field, have fruitful discussions and get insight into the manifold facettes of liquid crystal research in Germany.

Thanks to Prof. Giesselmann, the IPC, the University of Stuttgart and the Deutsche Flüssigkristallgesellschaft for hosting this nice conference!

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