I am in the laboratory at the University of Luxembourg (2016)

I am a postdoctoral researcher with major interests in Liquid Crystals and functional nanocomposites. I studied chemistry at the University of Paderborn from 2004 - 2009 and finished my PhD Thesis in 2013 in the Group of Prof. Kitzerow about nanoparticle doping in nematic liquid crystals. Since 2015 I work as a PostDoc in Jan Lagerwall's Experimental Soft Matter Physics Group at the University of Luxembourg.

I am specialized in the physical and electro-optical characterization of liquid crystalline materials, my assets comprise dielectric-  and  microscopic techniques. In my latest project I am investigating the impact of polarization effects in liquid crystalline nanocomposites on their electro-optic performance.

A summary of my publications and a short CV can be found following these links.