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21/09/2016 EMRS Fall Meeting in Warsaw, Poland

by Martin Urbanski 0 Comments


The fall meeting of the European Materials Science Society was held at the Warsaw University of Technology in September 2016. The latest research results and trends of material science were discussed in 27 parallel symposia. I am very glad for the opportunity of presenting my recent results on liquid crystalline nanocomposites to a large audience in the symposion E: "Organized Nanostructures and Nanoobjects".
I also made new contacts to researchers from France, Belgium, Italy and the Ukraine and I am looking forward to new fruitful collaborations in the future.
All in all it was a very successful conference for me, and I would like to express my gratitude towards the organizers of this great event!

31/07/2016 ILCC in Kent, USA


Entrance to the campus of Kent State University in Ohio, USA.

Certainly one of the highlights during this year was the 26th International Liquid Crystal Conference taking place in the birthplace of International Liquid Crystal Conferences at Kent State University in Ohio, USA. This conference allowed me to connect to and exchange with scientist from all over the world, and I am very grateful for numerous fruitful discussions and interesting presentations on all facets of liquid crystal science. I recieved good feedback for my own oral presentation on liquid crystalline nanoparticle dipsersions and I am also very happy about the high interest in my poster presentation on nematic shells.

Many thanks to the ILCS and the organizers of this great conference!

21/06/2016 - IRES Symposium in Luxembourg

IRES (International Research Experience for Students) is a NSF-funded project which allows US students to go abroad for first research experience. The 4th IRES Symposium took place in Luxembourg, with participants from the US, Germany and Luxembourg. This small symposium was a very good opportunity for me to contribute with an oral presentation about my simulation work done in the TOSCO project, initiate scientific discussions and evaluate new opportunities for collaborations.

05/05/2016 - Bunsentagung in Rostock, Germany


Bunsentagung 2016 held in the beautiful city of Rostock.

The annual "Bunsentagung" of the German Bunsen Society of Physical Chemistry took place at the University of Rostock this year, which was held under the main topic of "Basic Mechanisms in Energy Conversion". Unfortunately both sessions on Soft Matter did not create much interest among the participants of the conference, so I could give my oral presentation about our advances in the DISGONA project only for a small audience. Anyway, the organizers suceeded in creating a very interesting conference in a beautiful atmoshpere at the campus of the University of Rostock, and I really enjoyed participating this year's Bunsentagung.

Many thanks to organizers of this great conference and for many interesting discussions!

21/03/2016 - BLCS / DFKG Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland

by Martin Urbanski

First joint BLCS / DFKG meeting in Edinburgh.

For the first time this year, the Deutsche Flüssigkristall-Gesellschaft (DFKG) and its British pendant, the British Liquid Crystal Society (BLCS), organized a joined meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland. It became a great conference with many interesting talks and poster contributions, and as usual numerous fruitful discussions with other scientists from the field. I also recieved very positive feedback for my own oral presentation on "virtual microscopy", where I showed our recent advances in the TOSCO project. In summary, I think it was a great idea to hold a joint meeting, and I am looking already forward to the next joint conference in Würzburg 2017.

Many thanks the organizers of this great conference!

24/08/2015 - IMID2015 in Daegu, Korea


The ECXO convention center in Daegu, Korea.

After a great week with fantastic impressions of Korea, many new experiences and a very saturated and fruitful conference I am now back from the International Meeting on Information Display 2015 in Daegu, Korea. During this conference I had the opportunity to attend many very interesting presentations on highly relevant devolpments in the field of LC and OLED displays. I am also satisfied with my own talk, the presentation went well and people were interested in my work. I am very grateful for the fruitful discussions on my work with renown experts from Samsung and LG.

Many thanks to the organizers of this meeting and to the Korean people for their hospitality!

30/06/2015 - IMID2015 confirmation

The preliminary program for the 15th International Meeting on Information Display was published. I have the great honor of giving an invited oral presentation in the LC Technology session during this conference. Hopefully I will have enough interesting results by then, only 8 weeks left!

06/03/15 - GLCC in Stuttgart

Shortly after starting in Luxembourg I directly went back to Germany in order to participate in the  42nd Topical Meeting on Liquid Crystals, which took place in Stuttgart from the 4th-6th of March on the University campus. During this conference I had the opportunity to present my latest results from Paderborn in an oral presentation entilted “Studies on the compatibility of spherical nanoparticles in a nematic host and their impact on the electro-optic properties” and got good feedback and new impulses from the LC community. As usual, this Topical Meeting on Liquid Crystals was a great opportunity to meet other scientists working in this field, have fruitful discussions and get insight into the manifold facettes of liquid crystal research in Germany.

Thanks to Prof. Giesselmann, the IPC, the University of Stuttgart and the Deutsche Flüssigkristallgesellschaft for hosting this nice conference!