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01/04/17 - New home in Dresden

Photo of the Semperopera in Dresden at night.

After spending one month at the University of Paderborn working on fluorescence confocal microscopy and writing part of an invited review on gold nanostructures in liquid crystals, my short stopover in Paderborn is already over again. I want to express my gratitude towards Prof. Kitzerow for funding this stay in Germany, as it really helped me with my return to Germany.
From april on, I will be joining my wife in Dresden and look for a new job from here. Luckily, my wife recently found a senior researcher position at the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research in Dresden and we already arranged for a decent place to live here. Hope I will also find a new position soon!

01/03/2017 - Goodbye Luxembourg / Hello Paderborn!


Chemistry builing at the University of Paderborn.

After two years of DISGONA research in Luxembourg the project funding has finished now, so it is time for me to move on. New funding for my research is still out of sight, but I am very grateful to Prof. Heinz Kitzerow from my alma mater for a short term employment at the University of Paderborn. I am looking forward to work in this very fruitful research environment!

Many thanks to my great colleagues at the UL for the great time in Luxembourg! I really enjoyed working with you!

30/05/16 - Physical Chemistry Colloquium in Stuttgart, Germany


Following the kind invitation by Prof. Frank Gießelmann, I presented the main scientific results from the DISGONA and DISCANT projects in the Physical Chemistry Colloquium at the University of Stuttgart. Besides the colloquium in the afternoon, I also was given the opportunity of scientific discussions with many professors from the IPC institute and was shown through its well-equipped laboratories.

I really enjoyed this day in Stuttgart and would like to thank Prof. Gießelmann and the whole IPC for the invitation and their kind hospitality.

20/05/2016 - Mathias MSc defense

by Martin Urbanski


Congratulations to Mathias Bourg for his successful defense of his Master thesis!
Mathias started his Master project in September 2015 and focused on the influence of nanometer-sized dopants on the molecular relaxation behavior of nematic liquid crystals. He has done a very good job in bridging the many issues that come together in this project and compiled them into a well-written thesis. The succesful finish of his Master project was the defense, comprising a 30 minutes oral presentation and a consecutive scientific discussion. Mathias did both very well, and we congratulate him for his success and wish him all the best for his future career!

02/03/15 - First Day in Luxembourg

UL - Batiment du Science

The "Batiment du Science" at the UL Campus Limpertsberg, home of the ESMP research group.

Finally Disgona started and today was the first day of my work contract in the Experimental Soft Matter Physics Group of Prof. Jan Lagerwall at the University of Luxembourg. Also I am very eager to finally start with science again, but today was quite busy with administrative things. For the morning, the University invited all new employees to participate in a "Welcome Day" event. In a group of around 20 people the different faculties and administrative services of the University presented themselves. All in all I must say that I felt warmly welcomed here in Luxembourg and that I am convinced to have to very fruitful years of postdoctoral research at this University.