DISGONA - Dielectric Spectroscopy on Gold Nanoparticles


In this project we study the impact of gold nanoparticles on the dielectric properties of a nematic host phase. In particular we are interested on how the uniaxal ordered host deals with spherical dopants and whether the addition of particles is beneficial for the electro-optical response of the liquid crystal.

DISCANT - Dispersions of Carbon Nanotubes


This project is an extension of the DISGONA project, as it exchanges the gold nanoparticles by carbon nanotubes (CNTs). CNTs are highly anisometric, their width is magnitudes smaller than their length, and they should therefore be perfect dopants for the uniaxially ordered nematic phase. We are interested in how the CNTs are aligned in the LC host phase and which influence they can have on the host conductivity.

TOSCO - Topology in spherical confinement


In this project we study the formation and evolution of topological defects in LCs confined by spherical boundaries. We are interested in how the LC fullfills topological requirements caused by its confinement, and study shells and droplets both by experiment and numerical simulations.

Important keywords connected to our research are summarized and illustrated in this wordmap: