In DISGONA we use dielectric spectroscopy to investigate nanocomposites of liquid crystals doped with nanoparticles. Maybe one day you can find DISGONA's output in new generations of LC-Displays!

DISGONA is a postdoctoral research project at the University of Luxembourg. It is funded by the National Research Fund in Luxembourg (FNR-AFR-2014-2) and is scheduled for two years from March 2015 till February 2017.

The scope of this project is hidden in the acronym; DISGONA (Dielectric Spectroscopy on Gold Nanoparticlecomposites)  investigates thermotropic liquid crystals doped with gold nanoparticles by means of dielectric spectroscopy. We want to learn more about the particle / host interactions to find out how to desing long-term stable functional nanocomposites. Dielectric spectroscopy allows us also to study the impact of nanoparticle doping on the conductivity and the alignment of the host phase. New knowledge on all these aspects will hopefully help to overcome current obstacles on the way to new electro-optic applications of liquid crystalline nanocomposites.

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